Like most of the people, we love watching movies. Movies have been our passion since the time we got hooked onto the idiot box. For the past two years, we have spent endless nights discussing movies, their characters, the story line, blah blah blah.. In short, we enjoy watching movies.And, its time we shared our thoughts with the rest of the world.

Flicky Friday?

Flicky Friday (yup, that’s the name)  is a blog that focuses on reviewing movies, TV shows and movie trailers. This blog is a sincere attempt towards bringing out true and honest opinions about motion pictures in simple grammar. Apart from movies, we watch a lot of TV shows ( seriously, a lot ) and are addicted to movie trailers.

Who are we?

This blog is maintained by two people namely Abhinav Taliyan ( atams ) and Rohit Palmurkar ( JinXed ). Both from the same college, you hardly need any clues as to how we started this project. As of now, both are jobless, movie fanatics and movie trailer addicts.

Contact Us

I you have any comments or if you have any suggestions that you would like to convey to us, please write to us at flickyfriday[at]gmail[dot]com or you could leave a reply in the comments section below.


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