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“Times have changed.
Fighting has changed.
But the crowd? They never change.
They just get bigger.”

Real Steel is an action packed movie with a predictable ending. What looked like a mix of Rocky and Transformers turned out to be so much different and entertaining. With Hugh Jackman in the lead, this movie turns out to be unexpectedly enjoyable and awesome.

The story is set up in the near future where remote controlled robots
replace boxers in the boxing ring. Charlie Kenton(Hugh Jackman) is an
ex-boxer who makes a living fighting robots. Bailey(Evangeline Lilly)
is Charlie’s love and also the owner of her father’s boxing gym whom
Charlie used to train when he was a contender. Things start getting
interesting when Charlie gets to know that his old girlfriend died and
now has custody of their son, Max(Dakota Goyo). After striking a deal
with the Max’s Aunt Debra’s wealthy husband for 1,00,000$, Charlie
buys a new robot “Noisy Boy” and also gets custody of Max for two
months. Noisy boy is turned to shreds in an underground cage match
leaving Charlie with nothing, once again. While searching for spare
parts in the junkyard, Max finds a second generation sparring robot
built to take punishment and not inflict it. Max is determined to
fight atom in matches and trains him using voice controls and the
excellent shadow function. Winning fights all the way to the top, Max
challenges the WRB champion Zeus for a match. The result of the match
is for you to find out.

Dakota Goyo has done complete justice to his role. He plays the cool
gamer whiz kid with ease and brilliance. Also, the chemistry between
Max and Charlie as father and son, goes unnoticed. Certain scenes just
make you want to jump up your seat and shout out. One such scene is
the first fight of Atom with the hillbilly robot. Brilliantly filmed
in an apt location, the scene captures the essence of a timeless
classic with the advancement in technology. Another such scene is the
final fight between Atom and Zeus which leaves you high on adrenaline.

The performances in this movie are splendid and is probably the
biggest strength of the movie. Hugh Jackman and Dakota Goyo have
outdone themselves, making the film heart-warming and enjoyable. Also,
a special mention to the robot, Atom. It is the second soul of the
movie. The movie ensures that you develop a connection with this

The visual effects in this movie are so sublte and brilliant that you
might hardly notice them. The robot appears to be so lifelike and
real. Its actions are amazingly quick and extremely cool. The sound
effects make the fights even more appealing than they already are. In the end, you really wish that this was an actual sport. May be, in the near future.

Any movie that gets the audience involved into itself is a great
movie. Overall, this movie is just right. A good way to spend two
hours. The ending is not overwhelming as such, but certainly
heartfelt. This movie might not be oscar stuff, but nevertheless a
great movie and that is what matters in the end. Definitely worth a
watch or may be even two.

My rating 8.5.