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Horrible Bosses is a routine R-rated comedy affair with fairly entertaining twists and turns. Directed by Seth Gordon ( Four Christmasses) and backed up by a very dominating cast consisting of Kevin Spacey, Jennifor Aniston, Colin Farrell as 3 horrible bosses and Jason Bateman, Charlie Day, Jason Sudeikis as their lamentable employees, it takes you on a 95 minutes journey of bizarre and sometimes forced comedic moments.

 Movie is about 3 pitiful employees who are sick of their bosses. They loathe their bosses and their untowardly demeanor towards them. They blame them for their ruined or about to be ruined lives and finally when they just can’t take it any more, they plan to kill their bosses. What follows next is the mixed bag of both funny and flat moments.

Kevin Spacey as a paranoiac, vicious boss; Jennifer Aniston as a nymphomaniac, sexually harassing dentist and Colin Farrell as a coked-out, psychopathic nutcase were highlights of the movie. I think gags about recession-hit ex-investment banker, “trimming the fat” in the office and mother****** jones were best parts of the movie. Colin Farell nailed his cameo, he was ludicrously funny as Bobby Pellitt and I can easily say Bobby Pellit is the funniest comedy cameo after Tom Cruise’s Les Grossman in Tropic Thunder. Jason Bateman and Jason Sudeikis were both likable in their roles but Charlie Adam’s acting and handling of his role came out as a buzzkill for the movie. Some scenes were over the top and tried too hard to be funny. Writing is to be blamed for that, having such an interesting premise, supported by a cast of this calibre; they should have done better. But nonetheless, movie was laughable in most of its parts, while losing some of its steam in last the 15 minutes during that whole chase sequence.

With everything considered Horrible Bosses is a movie with fair amount of hearty laughs and crude humor, swamped by its own sophomoric writing in certain parts. It’s a Hit and Miss farce (with more hits) that in the end leaves you wishing it was funnier than it is.

My Rating: 6.5/10, Definitely a one-time watch.