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“I’ve been to prison once, I’ve been married – twice. I was once drafted by Lyndon Johnson and had to live in shit-ass Mexico for 2 and 1/2 years for no reason. I’ve had my eye socket punched in, a kidney taken out and I got a bone-chip in my ankle that’s never gonna heal. I’ve seen some pretty shitty situations in my life, but nothing has ever sucked more ass than this! ” : Willie

Hilarious, Wicked, Unseemly, Coarse and Storming piece of a cinema. I was looking for something ‘christmassy’ when I came across this movie. It’s title and plot compelled me to watch it and only 15 minutes into the movie I was a fan! Bad Santa is an ultimate inappropriate christmas movie and I can easily say it is one of the best christmas movie I have ever seen in my life. For me it ranks right along with Home Alone, Planes Trains & Automobiles and Christmas Vacation. It’s a comedy without boundaries and either you will love it or hate it.

Bad santa is about a drunken, abusive, profane, sex-crazed thief “Willie” masquerading as a department store Santa and thrown against the ironic backdrop of Christmas cheer – now that’s comedy! Billy Bob Thornton played this misanthropic role to perfection. He was riveting as Bad Santa and took me by surprise every time I thought this Santa possibly can’t sink lower than this. Tony Cox was equally hilarious and crude as Willie’s accomplice & criminal mastermind – Marcus. Also thrown in this funny mix was one cute, delusional & kind of soggy boy “Kid” who genuinely believed in “Willie” as real santa. Lauren Graham as a bartender who has a nympho for Santa and Bernie Mac as a raucous security head of shopping mall were icing on the cake. Whole absurdity of the situations in the movie because of these eccentric characters was sidesplittingly funny.

Direction wise Terry Zwigoff did a commendable job, movies like these if not handled properly can be disastrously bad sometimes. Movie was superbly paced with a very engrossing and satisfying climax. Created and produced by Coen Brothers, you could see their touch all over the movie. Bad Santa makes an audacious attempt in presenting us the idea that everybody’s misery and problems don’t turn into lollipops and candy bars when the calendar rolls over to december. So, my advice is don’t miss this movie if you want to experience the perfect amalgam of irony, dark humor, emotions and funny ludicrous moments.

My Rating: 9/10. Rib-tickling dark comedy.

– atams